Professional and Welcoming
At The Dance Connection we are committed to providing a professional yet down to earth environment. 
Our state of the art facilities reflect this commitment. Our 2400 square foot space contains two studios with “sprung” floors and professional sound equipment, two bathrooms, a dressing room and a large waiting area for parents and caregivers. Both studios have viewing windows so parents can watch their children. We also have a TV in the lobby to entertain siblings while their brothers or sisters take class.

The Dance Connection is completely handicapped accessible.

A Note about Safety
Dancing can be a highly physical and strenuous activity and often requires a tremendous amount of concentration. Because of this, it is important that both professional and recreational dancers of every age learn in safe and professional studio. 

All our teachers are highly trained and adhere to the safest most current teaching methods. But our facilities also play a big part in keeping our students injury free. All studio floors at The Dance Connection are “sprung” and are covered with a professional dance lynolium. A “sprung” floor is designed specifically for dance to be buoyant and resilient. Our floors have exactly the right amount of give in order to reduce the shock of jumping and other dance moves, minimize the risk of shin splints and other injuries, and enhance performance. Further more all our studios are well lit, clean, and free of distractions and obstacles.