🤸‍♂️ Boys Dancing Month! 💥 — November 1–30

We want to celebrate our boys in dance.
We believe everyone should feel welcome and safe in dance class. For this month, we wanted to celebrate our boy dancers! 👏

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma associated with boys dancing. We’re much farther along now, but dance is usually not the obvious choice of activities for boys. As a former professional dancer and dance teacher, Mr. David knows first-hand the difference that dancing can make in the life of our boys.

Dancing increases strength, flexibility, discipline, and perseverance. It is hard work and takes a tremendous amount of focus and concentration. Plus, dancing is fun and can be transformative! 💪

Over the next month, we’re going to spotlight as many of our boys as we can. 🌟

Current male-identifying students receive a free Dance Connection t-shirt! New male-identifying students that register during the month of November will receive discounted tuition until January. 💫

Call or text us if you have any questions!

🥂 Parents Night Out 🥂 — February 12th, 2021, 5–10 p.m.

You deserve a break—treat yourself!
With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you deserve a night off! While you’re enjoying your night, your child will be enjoying theirs. Parents Night Out includes pizza, arts & crafts, and a dance class. Plus—we’ll send you the photos of the night so you can see what they were up to!

Price: $40 ($30 for all currently-registered Dance Connection families)

Registration link coming soon!