Boys Dancing Month



Started back in 2018, Boys Dancing Month was developed by David Kieffer, former professional dancer and owner of The Dance Connection.
After a hiatus in 2020 (because of the pandemic) we want to continue. We would love your support!
Kieffer founded Boys Dancing Month to destigmatize boys dancing. Though we’re much farther along now, dance is usually not the obvious choice of activities for boys. As a former professional dancer and dance teacher, our studio owner Mr. David knows first-hand the difference dancing can make in the life of our boys.
Over the next month, we’re going to spotlight as many of our boys as we can. We are collecting videos of our boys sharing the reasons why they enjoy dance. We’d love for you to do the same! Simply tag us @danceconnectionnj and comment the hashtag #boysdancingmonth, and we’ll promote your posts on our page!