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Young Dancers Ballet Program

Policies & Expectations

The Dance Connection is the ballet academy of choice in Somerset county. With a top notch faculty and leveled ballet classes your child will receive the best in ballet instruction there is. All dancers in our ballet academy are taught proper technique in a disciplined, yet encouraging environment. The Dance Connection is also proud to offer our ballet students the opportunity to perform The Nutcracker in a professional theater. Performing in The Nutcracker is something every child should experience. To find the right ballet class for your child please CONTACT US to schedule a placement class.

Attire requirements

  • Ladies attire – All female dancers in Ballet Levels 1 and up must wear black leotards, pink tights, and pink leather ballet slippers (full sole until Level 3- then split-sole allowed). No shorts, fancy tutu skirts or hanging jewelry are allowed. Only simply ballet skirts or placement belts will fulfill dress code.
  • Gentlemen attire – All male dancers in Ballet Levels 1 and up must wear a snug white t-shirt and black tights, or spandex shorts, black leather ballet shoes.
  • Hair – All hair must be pulled back and out of face. Long hair must be secured in a bun with bobby pins or barrettes. If your child needs instruction on how to make a bun, ask a staff member, or watch this video.
  • About Ballet Slippers – See Mr. David’s tutorial on ballet slippers for instructions on how to prepare ballet footwear.


All dancers in ballet level 1 and above that are taking 2 or more ballet class/week will receive a written evaluation in January/February. Evaluations are an important part of your childs progress and help to give you, their parents, an idea of what to work on.

2 Ballet Classes a Week

We recommend dancers in ballet level 2+ take at least 2 ballet classes a week. To maintain their technique Dancers in level 2+ who are only taking less than 2 classes a week will not be in consideration for level advancement and will not receive an evaluation in January. Please keep in mind that as your child advances more than 2 ballet classes a week may be needed.

Note about Nutcracker – Dancers performing a lead in The Nutcracker are expected to take 2 ballet classes a week. 

Understanding the ‘Level Up” Process

Ballet is not only an artistic process, it is also Athletic in its training. Unlike grade school, moving up each year is not a given. Proper analysis of each student’s fine, gross, and locomotor skills will be considered utmost for physical safety, as well as artistry, professionalism, positivity and participation.

Pointe Work

Dancing en pointe is an exciting time for a young ballerina. Dancing en pointe also requires a dancer to have strong technique, alignment, and muscular strength. As you begin your journey it’s important to set expectation and understand the costs and commitment. Students can find information about approval process for starting en pointe in this ballet pointe document. 

Respect and Etiquette

We also expect that our dancers in ballet levels 1 and above maintain proper etiquette during class. Ballet teachers do not allow sitting on the floor, leaning on the ballet barre. Hands must stay off the mirror.  Our teachers will also guide their students to support each other. Both whispering, complaining, and correcting peers is not allowed.

Interested in our Ballet Program?

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