The #1 Activity Every Child Should Do!

We want our children to have close friendships, and develop healthy self-esteem as they grow. We want them to challenge themselves, learn to overcome obstacles and keep their bodies strong.

As an experienced dance teacher, I’ve seen hundreds of children develop healthy habits, gain confidence, learn to work with others, improve their fitness and basically become happier, healthier human beings.

My experience has convinced me that dance is the #1 activity that every parent should choose for their child. I’m confident that, after you read this, you’ll agree.

Dance is joyous! – There’s nothing like seeing your child smiling while they jump and twirl. Let’s face it, moving one’s body to the music is just a great feeling. ? Whether it’s ballet, hip-hop, tap or just grooving out to your favorite song.

Dance is social. – At dance class, your child will build lifelong friendships, meet new friends, and be part of a community. Culturally, dance has always brought us together. Whether it’s a bat-mitzva, a barn raising or a birthday ?… dance fosters community.

Dance encourages perseverance. – In dance class, children learn that they can accomplish anything if they keep going and don’t give up. We all face challenges. ??‍ Successful people keep going despite obstacles. Dancing takes consistent effort over time.

Dance builds self-esteem. – When your child succeeds in doing a dance step for the first time, their confidence skyrockets!! ? This confidence spills over into schoolwork, social relations, and other activities.

Dance is healthy – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a new dance student say, with surprise “oh, my gosh, I’m sweating!” Dance promotes an active lifestyle and keeps your child healthy. ❤️

Dance is full body fitness. – Full body fitness is strength, endurance, and flexibility. ?? Dance is one of the few activities that promotes all 3 for complete, well-rounded, fitness.

Dance is safe. – In dance class, your child has their feet on the floor, and a dance teacher keeping an eye on them. They’re not flying through the air; no protective equipment is required; and there’s nothing that’s going to hit them in the head. Dance class is one of the safest activities they can do.

Dance makes your child smarter! – Dance takes a lot of concentration. ? Try learning dozens of steps. Then match those steps to the music exactly, and make sure you’re in the correct spot, on stage, so you don’t run into another dancer…  Yeah, your brain is working hard!

Dance is for a lifetime. – Dancing is something your child can do into adulthood. ⏳ Your child will remember their first dance teacher forever, and when you give your child the gift of dance, you’re giving them a gift they can keep forever.

Convinced? Share your opinion. Feel free to reach out to us at our studio at (908) 874-8800. And, if you’re ready for your child to try a dance class, just click the link below.

– David Kieffer, Owner: The Dance Connection