Ballet Slippers for Toddlers and Pre-School Dancers

Your child’s first pair of ballet slippers.

Hello Dance Parents!!!

Your child’s first ballet class is an exciting moment and getting the right slippers for your young dancer is really important. If your child’s slippers are not fit, or prepared, properly they could become a distraction or even hurt your child’s feet.

We’ve created this video to ensure that your child has a great experience in their dance class.  If you have any questions you can always feel free to contact us.

David Kieffer, of The Dance Connection, speaks about your child’s first ballet slippers.

  • Purchasing the correct pair of ballet slippers:
    • Make sure you purchase real ballet slippers. A real ballet slipper is made of canvas or leather.
    • A ballet slipper is not like a night slipper. Online and in department stores there are night slippers that are styled to look like a ballet slipper. These are not real ballet slippers. DO NOT purchase these for your child’s dance class.
    • We recommend purchasing your ballet slippers from a reputable dance store or directly through your studio. You can purchase ballet slippers online, but remember that ballet slippers often do not fit like regular shoes. So, having a professional fit your child is always best.
    • You can get a slipper that is a little bit larger that the child’s foot size so that he or she can grow into it, but you should not get a slipper that is more than half a size larger than your child would normally fit into. If there’s more than a quarter of an inch at the end of the ballet slipper, it may be too large.
  • What to do with the drawstring?
    • The drawstrings should be tied in a double knot and cut about an inch away from the know. When you put the shoes on, tuck the drawstring into the inside of the shoe.
    • DO NOT tie the drawstring in a bow like a shoelace. Drawstrings tied in a bow are a distraction to class as the children pull on them and trip on them. When they come undone a teacher must tie them and it wastes valuable class time.
  • Care of your ballet slippers.
    • Ballet slippers are indoor footwear. Don’t let your child wear them outside.
    • Make sure you get your child a new pair of slippers when their current pair gets too tight. A pair of ballet slippers that’s too tight can hurt your child and ruin their dance experience.

The Dance Connection has Ballet classes for toddlers and pre-school children starting at age 3.